Welcome to McDonnaugh Securities LLC

We are a boutique broker/dealer. Our main focus is to provide superior client-centric services in equities, fixed income and trading in capital markets. In addition, we have specialized area throught our investment advisory firm AIMcDONNAUGH &CO., financial planning and alternative investments. McDonnaugh Securities LLC Broker Dealer, Inc.’s mission is to develop a diversified boutique financial service company which services private clients, institutional investors, located across the country. Our principal activities are private client services, including securities transaction and financial planning services, institutional equity and fixed income sales, trading. In addition, we will always be striving to find the best and most talented professionals in the financial service field to handle your investment needs while maintaining our company's commitment to our core values of Ethics, Honesty, Integrity and Performance. We will continue to strive to be the best in all that we do. We encourage you to contact us directly with all your financial needs.